• Powerturn Buggies
    Powerturn Buggies
    Looking for a thrilling driving experience, but want a change from the norm of karting? Then Powerturn Buggies are the thing for you!

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  • Laser Tag
    Laser Tag
    Take to the battlefield in a range of exciting Laser Tag scenarios, team up to emerge victorious or go solo in one of our free for all style games.

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  • Target Archery
    Target Archery
    Great fun and highly addictive for all ages. Target Archery is a more relaxed alternative to the buzz of the motorised activities.

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  • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
    Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
    The ultimate in friendly competition, with all guns shooting at the same target who can hit it 1st, most often... or at all!

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  • Football Golf
    Football Golf
    Golf with a twist! Try out our unique purpose built 18 Hole Football Golf course.

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  • Driving Double
    Driving Double
    Double the fun at Limitless as you pilot your very own Hovercraft over land and water before pulling off tricks and spins in a Powerturn Buggy!

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  • Shoot 'n' Score
  • Team Games
    Team Games
    Work with or compete against each other in a range of challenging activities, perfect for your next team day out!

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  • Hovercrafts
    Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air as you pilot your very own Hovercraft. Can you make it onto our fastest lap leaderboard?

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  • The All In
    The All In
    The All In package is the perfect day out for all the thrill-seekers out there or even just those who want to try their hand at a bit of everything.

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  • The Classic
    The Classic
    This one is wil ring a bell with our most loyal of customers, The Classic includes four of our first ever activities!

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  • Hov A Go
    Hov A Go
    The Hov A Go package encapsulates some of our most popular activities into one fun-filled day out.

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  • Mass Effect
    Mass Effect
    Looking for a group or team day out? Our Mass Effect package is perfect for those larger groups but dont let be put off by that, we can accomodate for groups as little as 4 people+.

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