A throwback to the Foylehov days with this mixture of day one activities.

This one is wil ring a bell with our most loyal of customers, The Classic includes four of our first ever activities!

Get Four Fantasic Activities for One Incredibly Low Price with The Classic.


Simple yet impressive, our Snapper Hovercrafts will provide you with the ultimate outdoor action adventure experience. Reach speeds of 30mph+ gliding across land and water tracks to beat the clock and make in onto our Hovercraft Leaderboard. 



And for kids who are just as eager to fly the Hovercrafts, we have our Whippersnapper. Powered by a smaller engine, along with the assistance of our instructors, kids aged 8-11 can master the skill of piloting too.



The Powerturn Buggies are unique off road, all terrain vehicles, bringing a whole new dimension to acrobatic buggy-ing.  These extremely agile, roll cage buggies don't have a conventional steering wheel or handlebars but instead are steered using two throttle columns. Each of these controls two seperate engines, which in turn power each rear wheel; testing your coordination and reflexes to their limits. 

Wheelies, 360° turns, spins and straight line spurts can be acheived with a little practice. As the buggies are twin-seated there is the chance to have a passenger or co-pilot sitting beside you, offering great opportunities for team work.



Enjoy a Target Archery session with one of our experienced archers helping you to hit the bulls-eye!  Archery is a great activity for all ages, with 30+ game options it's sure to keep everyone entertained. Archery can be done as a single activity; however it is a great addition to any activity package. There is also the opporunity for our Archery facilities to be hired off-site for larger group events, functions and parties etc.



Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting gives you have the opportunity to test out your shooting skills and enjoy the thrill of shotgun shooting in a completely safe environment. The guns fire harmless infra-red beams at the clays so most ages, including children, can play in complete safety.

You can enjoy Laser Clay Shooting as a stand alone activity but it also makes a great addition to your day along with other activities.

Laser Clay Shooting can also be hired for offsite events to add that bit extra to a party or celebration!


Adults(Aged 12+) Pricing: £64pp

Youths (Aged 8-11) Pricing: £52pp