Powerturn Off Road Buggies in Northern Ireland

Looking for a thrilling driving experience, but want a change from the norm of karting? Then Powerturn Buggies are the thing for you!

The Powerturn Buggies are unique off road, all terrain vehicles, bringing a whole new dimension to acrobatic buggy-ing.  These extremely agile, roll cage buggies don't have a conventional steering wheel or handlebars but instead are steered using two throttle columns. Each of these controls two seperate engines, which in turn power each rear wheel; testing your coordination and reflexes to their limits. 

Wheelies, 360° turns, spins and straight line spurts can be acheived with a little practice. As the buggies are twin-seated there is the chance to have a passenger or co-pilot sitting beside you, offering great opportunities for team work.

Powerturn Buggy Practice Area

Begin the session in our Practice Area with a safety talk and demonstration on how to drive and master the controls on the buggies from one of our experienced instructors.

Then it's your turn! Skid you way around the area to perfect your drivng and steering skills before hitting the track.

Powerturn Buggy Track

Our Powerturn Buggy track is purpose-built to put your new driving skills to the test. Complete timed laps to compete against yourself and others in your group as well (Progress to the tracks is at the instructor's discretion depending on the skill of the pilot.) This experience if for those aged 12+ and physically capable of handling the Powerturn Buggies.



Ages 12 and over can enjoy a full Powerturn Buggy experience, great for team building, stag do's, hen parties, birthdays etc

Ages 8-11 years old can drive Powerturn Buggy, on their own in the Practice Arena, great for birthday parties, sports teams, youth groups etc

  • Wear older clothes & shoes, suitable for the weather (old trainers or wellies)
  • Gloves can be a good idea too
  • A change of clothes is recommended
  • Camera to capture all the action shots
  • Full safety briefing & expert, ongoing instruction from our experienced staff
  • Learn new driving skills....including wheelies, skidding, 360 spins
  • An unforgettable driving experience, trying to master the controls of our Powerturn Buggies.

Adults (Aged 12+) Pricing:

  • Groups of 1-5: £30pp
  • Groups of 6-10: £28.50pp
  • Groups of 11+: £27pp

Youths (Aged 8-11) Pricing:

  • Groups of 1-5: £25pp
  • Groups of 6-10: £23.50pp
  • Groups of 11+: £22.50pp

Multi-Activity Discounts:

We offer additonal discounts on top of Group Discounts if you have booked more than one activity. This is outlined below:

Multi-Activity Discount Rate: 

  • One Activity: 0% Off
  • Two Activities: 10% Discount
  • Three Activities: 20% Discount
  • Four+ Activities: 30% Discount. 


Please note, group discounts still apply to multi-activity discounts e.g. a group of 6-10 people with a two activity booking will get their 5% group discount on top of the 10% multi-activity discount, resulting in a total of 15% off their booking.