The Only Hovercraft Experience in Northern Ireland

Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air as you pilot your very own Hovercraft. Can you make it onto our fastest lap leaderboard?

The Snapper:

Simple yet impressive, our Snapper Hovercrafts will provide you with the ultimate outdoor action adventure experience. Reach speeds of 30mph+ gliding across land and water tracks to beat the clock and make in onto our Hovercraft Leaderboard. 


The WhipperSnapper:

And for kids who are just as eager to fly the Hovercrafts, we have our Whippersnapper. Powered by a smaller engine, along with the assistance of our instructors, kids aged 8-11 can master the skill of piloting too.

Hovercraft Practice Arena

Begin the session in our Practice Arena with a safety talk and demonstration on how to fly and manoeuvure the hovercrafts from one of our experienced instructors.

Then it's your turn! You will pilot the Hovercraft on your own, in the Practice Arena, to get the feel for it.

Hovercraft Tracks

Put your new piloting skills to the test on our purpose-built Hovercraft tracks. Complete timed laps to compete against others to make in on to the Leaderboard.  (Progress to the tracks is at the instructor's discretion depending on the skill level of the pilot)

This Hovercraft experience is suitable for those aged 12+ and physically capable of handling the Hovercraft. Those aged 8-11 will pilot the smaller Whippersnapper Hovercraft and at the discretion of the instructor will progress to the first race track after completing their time in the Practice Arena.

Hovercrafts are a great activity for adults aged 12 and over, great for stags, hens, birthdays, get together with friends, team building etc

Ages 8-11 years old can pilot a hovercraft on their own in the Practice Arena, great for birthdays, youth group trips, sports team bonding etc

  • Wear older clothes & shoes, suitable for the weather (old trainers or wellies)
  • Gloves can be a good idea too
  • A change of clothes is recommended
  • Camera to capture all the action shots
  • Full safety briefing & expert, ongoing instruction from our experienced staff
  • Pilot your own hovercraft, against the clock, speeding over land & water
  • An unforgettable, adrenaline-pumping experience

Adults (Aged 12+) Pricing:

  • Groups of 1-5: £40pp
  • Groups of 6-10: £38pp
  • Groups of 11+: £36pp

Youths (Aged 8-11) Pricing:

  • Groups of 1-5: £30pp
  • Groups of 6-10: £28.50pp
  • Groups of 11+: £27pp

Multi-Activity Discounts:

We offer additonal discounts on top of Group Discounts if you have booked more than one activity. This is outlined below:

Multi-Activity Discount Rate: 

  • One Activity: 0% Off
  • Two Activities: 10% Discount
  • Three Activities: 20% Discount
  • Four+ Activities: 30% Discount. 


Please note, group discounts still apply to multi-activity discounts e.g. a group of 6-10 people with a two activity booking will get their 5% group discount on top of the 10% multi-activity discount, resulting in a total of 15% off their booking.