Double up the Adventure at Limitless NI

Double the fun at Limitless as you pilot your very own Hovercraft over land and water before pulling off tricks and spins in a Powerturn Buggy!

Driving Double includes a full Hovercraft session and a full Powerturn Buggy Session for a fraction of the price.


Snapper Hovercraft:

Simple yet impressive, our Snapper Hovercrafts will provide you with the ultimate outdoor action adventure experience. Reach speeds of 30mph+ gliding across land and water tracks to beat the clock and make in onto our Hovercraft Leaderboard. 


WhipperSnapper Hovercraft:

And for kids who are just as eager to fly the Hovercrafts, we have our Whippersnapper. Powered by a smaller engine, along with the assistance of our instructors, kids aged 8-11 can master the skill of piloting too.


Powerturn Buggy:

The Powerturn Buggies are unique off road, all terrain vehicles, bringing a whole new dimension to acrobatic buggy-ing.  These extremely agile, roll cage buggies don't have a conventional steering wheel or handlebars but instead are steered using two throttle columns. Each of these controls two seperate engines, which in turn power each rear wheel; testing your coordination and reflexes to their limits. 

Wheelies, 360° turns, spins and straight line spurts can be acheived with a little practice. As the buggies are twin-seated there is the chance to have a passenger or co-pilot sitting beside you, offering great opportunities for team work.


Adults(Aged 12+) Pricing: £54pp

Youths (Aged 8-11) Pricing: £41pp